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Getting Started


Are you listening to your customers?

As they say: You cannot improve what you cannot measure; but the paradox is you cannot measure everything – happiness, hatred, anger… but you can measure customer satisfaction. Yes, you can measure customer satisfaction by analyzing likes and dislikes of your customers. You can gauge popularity of your website or products. You can also:

  • See how many visitors like the new design of your website or logo
  • Analyze what your readers want to see on your blog
  • Understand how helpful the content on your support forum or website is
  • Know the latest trends and user’s opinion before launching a new product or service

Opineo allows you to do all of this and much more without signing up for an account or hire an expert. This DIY tool enables you to listen to your customers’ voice easily and instantly. All you have to do is go online, design your widget and place it on your website.


  • Use Opineo to conduct pre-release surveys before launching new products or services
  • Analyze new trends in the industry
  • Run crowd-sourced campaigns with Opineo to mature new ideas, website designs or logos
  • Conduct popularity surveys with free Opineo widget
  • Create and host polling surveys with Opineo


  • Facility to customize to match your website theme
  • Detailed and Compact view options
  • Comprehensive options to customize animation, colors, orientation and style
  • All the power and flexibility of jQuery
  • Easy install; 100% integration
  • Facility to customize rating icons


This Feedback Collection and Polling widget is free for personal and commercial projects as long as you are providing a link back to this page. If you don’t want to provide a link back, simply contribute to the development and improvement of this tool. To contribute to this and many other interesting projects, go to Support Efforts and become a patron.

Customizing Opineo

Before you make any cusomization or even start using Opineo create a 'div' element and assign it some id. Now add references to necessary Javascrip files e.g.

  • A reference to latest jQuery library
  • A reference to Opineo script file sudo nano opineo.js

The following customization options are available in Opineo:

View Type

  • Detailed View
  • Compact View
  • Mini View

Animation Style

  • Slow
  • Medium
  • Fast
  • Super Fast
  • Ultra Fast

Bars Text

  • Show
  • Hide

Vote Counter

  • Show
  • Hide

Rating Icons

  • Colored
  • Grey

Rating Titles

  • Text For First Star
  • Text For Second Star
  • Text For Third Star
  • Text For Fourth Star
  • Text For Fifth Star

Bar Colors

  • Colors of Red Bar
  • Colors of Yellow Bar
  • Colors of Green Bar

This documentation template is provided free by eGrappler.com. Opineo is a feedback collection widget and is available for free download here